Karolina FidykMgr Karolina Fidyk (Małopolska Institute of Culture) graduate of ethnology & cultural anthropology (2005) and cultural studies (2006) at the Jagiellonian University. She completed postgraduate studies in social economics (2008) University of Economics in Cracow (work title: "The role of social economy in cultural tourism") and Heritage Academy (2009) at the International Cultural Centre in Cracow (work title: "Analysis of the potential of cultural routes. Example - Małopolska"). Since 2010 coordinator of the "Małopolska trails" in the Małopolska Institute of Culture.
„Cultural tourist routes of Małopolska - durable or ephemeral phenomenon?
Małopolska is a region, which creates its own brand based on the concept of a significant area of a cultural heritage - the history, wildlife, landscapes, traditions, local identity, national culture and its local variants. These resources are transformed into cultural tourism products and their goal is to "commercialize the heritage" - by industries of culture and leisure. One of the proposals is the creation of cultural products and cultural tourism trails, that can combine ideas (guiding themes - brands) with a really existing resources presenting these ideas (meaning). The challenge and problem in Galicia is the present situation, where you can easily create a new route (which has been formed dozen years), because resources for the idea (heritage items) are numerous. It's harder to create a system of cooperation, however, the merged entities - the trail of stakeholders, who traced a thematic tour of businesses and create long-term functioning, accessible and attractive to tourists (offer trail).

Dr Eng. Marek Nowacki (Academy of Physical Education in Poznań) and a graduate of the University of Zielona Góra Faculty of Tourism and Recreation Physical Education in Poznań. Currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Tourism and Recreation Physical Education in Poznań. He teaches among others of sightseeing, heritage interpretation and management of tourist attractions. Author of several articles published in national and international scientific journals, as well as many research projects in the field of heritage interpretation and management of tourist attractions. Scholar of the PHARE program in the field of heritage interpretation at the Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. Co-author of an academic book, "Touring. Theory and Methods."
„Natural and cultural heritage routes as a tourism path to creativity
Article introduces concepts of heritage interpretation, tourism and the creative economy in the context of  experience of the cultural and natural heritage trails. After theory part, that will approach this concept, there will be an analysis of practical examples of the culture heritage trails (among others- in a field of literatury or sculpture). On the basis of those examples will be illustrated possibility to introduce economic aspects in interpretation of the natural et cultural heritage. Implementation of those economic aspects enables realization of a creative tourism
Armin MikosDr Armin Mikos v. Rohrscheidt (Cultural Tourism- Science Magazine) PhD in philosophy (Swiss), PhD in theology, PhD in cultural sciences in a field of culture tourism (UAM Poznań) Teacher of several study items in a field of "culture tourism" Author of the first in Poland academic monography of this kind of tourism ("Culture Tourism. Phenomenon, potential, perspectices" 2008), science monography "Regional thematic routes. Idea, potential, organization" (Proksenia, Kraków 2010) and two other books, some 40 sciences publications in a field of cultural tourism Initiator and head editor of the science magazine "Culture Tourism" (2008) Consultant of two European projects on military tourism Co-owner of the Travel Agency "", tour-operator specilized in culture touring, study and thematic visitx Active tour pilot and city giude, organizer of cultural excursions in Poland and Europe. Organizer and lecturer of guids trainings Initiator of regional projects in a field of culture tourism, among others. Wielkopolska Citizen`Passport He is tackling on a scientific base of studies on respective sectors of culture tourism : city tourism, cultural trails, thematic trails, specially military ones. „Coordination of functioning of thematic trails as regards management of tourism product - comparative analysis. After havinh defined thematic trail as a specifi form of tourist product, explained the role of coordinator in its functioning, on a basis of examples from all over Poland and Europe, there will be shown strong and weak points of the most popular in tourism management models.

Łukasz WilczyńskiMgr Łukasz Wilczyński, Mgr Anna Watza (Planet PR)
Łukasz Wilczyński is a certified coach in questing in Poland. He ist a creator and director of Planet PR agency from Cracow. Amateur and practician of various marketing communication forms. Author of publications on PR and place marketing. in 2010 became a Member of Board of the Polish Public Relations Association. Founder and inventor of a sector society Kraków PR, in frame of which he collaborated among others by preparation of a foundations for social strategy of a tourism developement for the City of Kraków.

„Questing tm a an effective promotion of the region by local society"
Questing™ is a method of discovering of heritage of a place, based on creating of not described trails, that can be used by informations brought through rhyme- made indications. Activisation of local society that enables on discovering of its own places, bringing these messages for zagadki and maps, creating outstanding tourist attraction- enabling not only passive visiting, but also active experiance.

Tomasz StudzienieckiDr Tomasz Studzieniecki (Maritime Academy in Gdynia) scientific colaborator at the Maritime Academy in Gdynia and Higher Tourism and Hotel School in Gdańsk. Head of Post Diploma Study on Tourism and Hotels Vice-Comandor of the Maritime and Rivers League by the Maritime Agency in Gdynia. Member of the Association AIEST. Honorary Ambassador of the Polish Congresses. Expert of various international organization for Baltic Europe (BDF, UBC, BTC). Ex.Director of a Company for Tourism Development in Gdańsk and ex.President of Revision Commission of the Pomorskie Regional Tourist Organization. Co-Founder and Chairman of the international non-gouvernmental organization Academy Europa Nostra. Coordinator of many projects, among others "Amber Road". Party of letter of intent concerning common activities for establishement and developement of the European Culture Trails- Amber Road.  Organizer of serie of science conferences "Forum Europa Nostra". Author of publications dedicated to economics and politologt themes. Activ tourist and amateur of good food.
“AmBaR - cross-border amber route"
Cross-border amber route becomes branded and recognizable tourist product of Pomerania, Polish and Baltic Europe. Several years of experience in the promotion of heritage project initiated by the realization of the "Amber Road"project resulted in the institutionalization of the cooperation of stakeholders. Example of amber routes demonstrates the need for coordination of dispearsed activities and initiatives. The tole of ccordinator has been undertook by the Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization (PROT). Realized by PROT cooperation with the Russian side of the project is setting new directions for development of cross-border cultural tourism. Maritime Academy in Gdynia, through the organization of tourist ventures in cross-border region "AmBar" introduces a unique offer including a component of land and sea. The worked out output from this undertaking is a commercialization of the concept of cultural tourism products.
Przemysław KarwowskiMSc. Przemysław Karwowski (Zielona Góra Association of Wine Producers), a native from Zielona Góra, engineer in electronics  - a graduate of Warsaw University of Technology, an entrepreneur since 1986.  Passionate ham and winemaker. Standing associate editor of: "World of Radio" and "The World of Wine," managing editor "Winemaker of Zielona Góra."  Since 2004 is involved in the promotion of the region. Initiator of the formation of "Lubuskie Wine and Honey Road",  creator of the brochures for this path for the years 2008 and 2009, editor and administrator of the website of the Association of Winemakers from Zielona Góra  Author of the booklet "Winery on the Eastern Borderlands from the time of Second Polish Republic" (2010). He lives in the largest vineyard in Zielona Góra and successfully cultivated vines there. He specializes in honey meads. His triple grape honey mead won the 2009 award "Pearls" in the competition "Our Culinary Heritage - Tastes of the Regions" organized by the Polish Chamber of Regional and Local Products. He is applicant of three out of ten Lubuskie Region traditional products included in a list of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
”Lubuskie Wine Road and Honey"
"Lubuskie Wine Road and Honey" is an initiative for showing the tourist potential of the region associated with regional products such as wine, mead and honey, which have been entered in the "List of Traditional Products" of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The trail is a network product offering both- events and parties, such as facilities and services, based on the agreement of partners, which are: the winemakers, beekeepers, hotels and museums. This offer combines both tradition and modernity.
Adam HajdugaDr Adam Hajduga (Silesian W.Korfanty Higher School of Economics  Silesia Marhall Office). PhD in humanities, in the field of sociology. Since 2006 lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the W.Korfanty Silesian School of Economics in W. Katowice Specializes in the broader problematic of sociology and the sociology of leisure tourism. Author of several scientific publications. Since 2000 professionally connected with the self-authorities of the  Silesian  Region. He currently serves as the Deputy Director of the Department of Promotion and International Cooperation Office of the Silesian Marshal Office. He has participated in numerous international internships in the field of construction, management and promotion of tourist product. Co-founder and coordinator of the regional networking tourism product "Trail of Industrial Heritage Monuments".
In 2008 the trail has been awarded by the Polish Tourist Organisation with the Gold Certificate for the best tourism product in the country, and in 2010 as the first regional trails from Central and Eastern Europe has been included in the European industrial Trail Heritage (ERIH).

„Effective promotion of the networking tourist product on the example of marketing event  INDUSTRIADA - Day of Industrial Heritage Monuments Route"
On the example of a one-day long marketing event Industriada - Day of Industrial Heritage Monuments Route" will be presented how the Silesia Region is using forms of promotion of industrial heritage. Industriada a hallmark of this event, a key element of the promotion of created in 2006 "Industrial Heritage Monuments Route" that has been already awarded as the networking tourist product. In the dissemination there is evaluation of carried out activities that have been based on a list set by the implementers as for principles and objectives of the real effects of the events. As accomplishement of those benchmarks is ment a public perception of the work indicators and the media interest expressed in number of publications dedicated to this event and their repercussions.
Zygmunt KruczekDr Zygmunt Kruczek (Academy of Physical Education in Poznań), PhD in physical culture sciences, Head of the Geography and Tourism Department AWF in Cracow, aplicant in the Tourism Department at the Economic University in Katowice. He specializes in research on tourist attractions, regional geography  tourism promotion, tourist information and human ressources for  touristic sector. Author, co-author and editor of many textbooks (eg. "Poland. Geography tourist attractions", "Touring. Theory and Methodology", Europe. Touristic Geography", "Non-European Countries. Outline of the geography of tourism", "Compendium of the tour leader", Encyclopedia. Tourist geography of the world", "Support for tourism. Theory and Practice", "Promotion and information in Tourism", "Tourist Regions") and numerous studies travelogues. Member of the editorial board of "Folia Turistica", traveler, tour guide and tour leader, as well as the President of the Polish Federation of Piloting and Guiding.
„Chees Route in Małopolska. The road from the  idea to the tourist product."
One of the many trails in Małopolska is a thematic trail on cheese ("Oscypkowy" name comes from oscypek- traditional for this area smoked cheese. On the initiative of local authorities, regional tourism organizations and associations of shepherds there has been created a thematic trail. This trail is included in the list of regional products like "oscypek" (typical for mouintains area cheese) of the European Union. It includes 25 cozy mountain huts in the Tatra Mountains and immediate proximity. The paper describes the process of creating the trail and its commercialization, and presents the results of surveys among tourists on its attractiveness. There are also presented opinions from 'shepherds' of the functioning of the trail.
Leszek MłodzianowskiMgr Leszek Młodzianowski (Robber Trail Foundation) - owner of the entreprise "Robber`s route", graduate of the Silesian School of Economics in Katowice in the direction of: Tourism International ("The impact of the Internet, technology, and Global Internet Reservation Systems for the development of a world tourism industry"), a licensed tour guide, camp counselor, a member of the Academic Circle of Mountain Guides, a former member of the Audit Committee in POLISH CHAMBER OF TOURISM - Branch of Silesia, the group leader "Shepherd from Beskidy" on the region Beskidy in the project "Tourism - Common Cause."
„The Carpathian robbers trail."
The thematic trail with a theme of the Carpathian robbers  for  pedestrian and automobile users that includes anthropogenic and natural objects that have a relationship with the cultural heritage of the Carpathian region, associated with the tradition of outlaws, Haydamaki and robbers from six nationalities: Polish, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Romanian. The trail includes the robber hiding place of the legendary treasure , robber castles, open-air museums of folk architecture, chambers of creative work, museums, monuments of religious architecture, peculiarities of inanimate nature (such as caves, rock outcrops associated with robbers. The trail is a product of the Carpathian based primarily on regionalism, mountain people folklore, national heritage of five Carpathian countries.
Karol GutszeKarol Gutsze (County Office Tuchola) Head of Department for the Promotion of District Office in Tuchola, president of the local associations to support local development, a member of the Public Benefit Works Council in the  Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship Region and the Bureau of the Provincial Assembly of NGOs.  Initiator and coordinator of the project "Borowiackie Routes - a comprehensive tourist pressure reduction in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Tucholskie Woods' co-financed with Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment, aimed at creating thematic cultural routes and trails to support nature conservation. Plans and implements social projects, including to the creation and promotion of related local tourist products - based on the Social Economy and NGO networks. Meeting organizer and author of a website dedicated to the creation of a tourism cluster Tuchola Forest. Co-author to theme village, "Village of the Birds", aimed at developing cultural tourism, award-winning national, regional and local authorities.
“Borowiackie Routes - Resources UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Tuchola Forest as the basis for the creation of thematic cultural routes and hiking trails."
Tuchola Forest faces a great challenge: how to reconcile the protection of valuable cultural and natural values (of international importance) with the development of tourism as the basis for the local economy. The answer is the channeling of tourism on cultural routes and tourist routes - such as those created by local government - for example the project "Borowiackie Routes" (OPIE).
Dr Barbara Pisarska (University Vistula in Warsaw) - geographer, assistant in the Department of Urban Geography and Tourism, University of Łódź 1985 -1989; doctorate after graduating to geoecology from the Department of  Geography and Regional Studies of Warsaw University (1996) - Working there until 1998 Since the founding of the Department of Tourism and Recreation associated with the University Vistula (former Higher School of Economics and Computer Science). Interest in natural sciences and the humanities: shaping the environment, nature and environment conservation, ecotourism, sightseeing, perception of social phenomena, social awareness - including ecological, pedagogy of leisure time.
“The trail of culture Yotvingians in the context of the landscape Suwałki Lake District."
Yotvingians is the most well known tribe of Balts in Poland. They lived at the Suwałki Lake District since the third century BC to the thirteenth century. The main Yotvingians Route  runs here from Osinek - Szwajcaria near Suwałki to the Zamkowa Mountain near Szurpiły, and then through the territory of the Suwałki Landscape Park, to Pobondzie near Rutki-Tartak. Finally the Yotvingians Route is be to extend beyond  Poland - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Its aim will be a dissemination of cultural diversity of this part of Europe, as the Vikings and Normans Road.

Andrzej Malinowski - Chairman of the Local Tourist Organization "Tourist Central Arc" with registered office in Łęczyca. He supported the idea of establishing this organization and is the the President right from the begining. A lawyer working in the City Hall in Uniejów as secretary.

Jacek Ziółkowski - Board Member of the Local Tourist Organization, "Central Tourist Arc". For several years he strove for the creation of the organization. He works in the City Hall in Łęczyca in the Department of the Development and Promotion of the City.

„The impact of historic north-western part of the Łódź Region for the construction of the tourist product and the formation of the Central Tourist Arc."
In his speech it will be discribed tourism product Arc Tourist Central, built in the north - western part of the Łódź region on the axis of cultural routes Amber and Roman, influence of the Arc on the development of tourist routes of the region and progressing in this regard commercialization of the pathways.
Grzegorz ChocianGrzegorz Chocian, PhD - Chairman of the Board EKOTON Ltd. for over 13 years specializing in tourism and environmental protection. The first Director of the Podlaska Regional Tourist Organization. The pilot and tour guide. Official "coach on tourism marketing in the region" on behalf of Polish Tourist Organization. Coordinator of the project "Tourism - common cause" in the Podlaskie Region. EQUAL Project Coordinator "Green Technology Center" - Ecotourism. Member of the Association of Economic Advisers. Co-author of the assumptions of the Tourism Development Strategy 2007-2013. The official "Partner" PART SA, which created an integrated tourism products, including the first branded product "Podlasie- tourist trail- Podlaski Stork." The owner of his own trade marks associated with tourism such as cultural Esperanto Café. Directs the company that prepares the documentation for business and environmental solutions and implements contract engineer performing functions into infrastructure projects. In 2006 he received from the Minister of Economy badge of honor "for his contribution to tourism."

Romuald ZiółkowskiPhd Engeneer Romuald Ziółkowski - Assistant professor at the Faculty of Management University of Białystok. Board Member of the Podlaska Regional Tourist Organization and Management of Local Action Groups - Knyszyńska Forest, Vice President of the Society of Friends of the Michałowska County. Author and co-author of over 70 scientific publications. Lecturer at the trainings on tourism management. Leader and member of the research team of over 10 topics of research carried out at the Technical University of Białystok. Created more than a dozen specialized studies of the functioning of the tourist market on behalf of institutions and organizations from the area of the Podlaskie Region Organizer and participant in many national and international educational and sightseeing trips with the students of the University of Białystok.
„For the creation of the tourism brand of natural areas through the development of cultural routes."
Tourism development has always had a direct relationship with the natural environment, but now it has ceased to be an important characteristic of tourist destinations. While tourists are still guided by the quality of nature, in an increasingly way they are turning their attention to the offer of leisure. Most valuable natural areas are characterized by a rich cultural heritage upon which one can develop new lines of tourist offers. Excellent example of this are Podlaskie  Region four foerst areas: Bialowieża, Knyszynska, Augustowska and Kurpiowska, which make it possible to create a new brand of tourism based on natural areas of cultural routes

Mgr Małgorzata Chojnacka - Graduate degree in the Faculty of Organization and Management, Technical University, in a direction of the Management and Marketing. In 2005 she completed postgraduate studies at the Centre for the European Research, University of Łódź, in 2008 and postgraduate studies in Public Procurement in the Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Łódź. Currently enrolled in the Faculty of Management, University of Łódź for extramural doctoral studies in the Department of Management of the City and Region. For seven years she is working in the Office of Promotion, Tourism and International Cooperation of the City of Łódź. Independently implemented many projects related to the organization of events in Łódź and the preparation of materials about the attractions in Łódź, the multicultural heritage of the City.

Mgr Monika Paluch - Graduate degree at the Faculty of Geographical Sciences, University of Lodz in the direction of tourism and recreation. In 2009 began studies in Iberian. Currently, also continues study at the Faculty of Geographical Sciences, University of Łódź for doctoral studies at the Institute of Urban Geography and Tourism. From a half year she is working in the Office of Promotion, Tourism and International Cooperation of the City of Łódź. Among her interests there are: traveling, swimming, music, Spanish cinema, Spanish or territorial marketing issues.

„Fairy Tale Road - challenges and barriers.
The city is not only the name, size or population, but it is an unusual blend of history, geography, culture, architecture, etc. of which primarily benefit residents but also tourists, entrepreneurs - all according to taste. Some of these elements can be used by the local government to create an interesting and distinctive alternative offers that makes its difference in comparison to other cities in the country and abroad. Łódź has a lot of places that might be unusual, inspiring and encouraging to come. It also has its film heritage, with a very important part of a contribution Film Studio Semaphore, which everyone associate with popular children's TV shows such as: ,, Miś Uszatek” (“The Bear Uszatek”), ,, Przygody Misia Colargola” (“The adventures of Bear Colargol"), “Czarnoksiężnik z Oz” (,, The Wizard of Oz), “Pingwin Pik-Pok”, “The penguin Pik-Pok", ,, Plastusiowy Pamiętnik” (“Diary of Plastus") and drawing serials: “Przygody Kota Filemona” ,,The adventures of Philemon- the cat ", Magiczny ołówek”, “Magic pencil" and "Przygód kilka wróbla Ćwirka” , “Several adventures by sparrow Ćwirek". At some point the idea of creation in Łódź of a tourist trail presenting unforgettable characters from fairy tales being produced in Łódź are also reminding the Se-ma-phor activity  In this article the authors present the idea of the trail, the stages of its implementation, problems and future plans.
Assoc. Prof. Bogdan Włodarczyk (University of Łódź) Graduate from the University of Łódź, a geographer with a specialization in tourism geography, Assoc. prof. University of Łódź. Author of articles and monographs on tourist activities, space tourism, the tourism and hotel sector products. The author of academic textbooks in the field of hotel sector and tourism product. Currently Head of the Department of Geography of Tourism and Deputy Director of the Institute of Urban Geography and Tourism, University of Łódź.
“Travels with Reynevan of Bielawa (Reinmarem von Bielau). Tourist routes fiction.
An inspiration to take the theme is the Hussite Trilogy A. Sapkowski, who masterfully captures the times of the Hussite Wars in Bohemia, Lower Silesia, and Lusatia. The adventures of the protagonist Reynevan from Bielawy are actually endless band of travels between Wroclaw and Prague. Extensive historical background, clearly defined heroes and, above all, numerous references to existing and not existing localities, places and objects, can become the basis for the creation of an international (cross) cultural tourist route, as they do not come only around interesting places and monuments, but also about interesting facts from common Polish-Czech-German history. Seasoned with elements of fantasy can become one of the most interesting proposals for this part of the common interests of Europe.

Assoc. Prof. Jacek Kaczmarek (University of Łódź) works at the University of Łódź (Institute of Urban Geography and Tourism). It is employed as a professor. His research interests focus on the issues raised in the social geography (spatial behavior), in the sciences and tourism management. Recently, he studied in the field of marketing geography.

Stanisława Szymczak - A student of second year in Tourism and Recreation at the University of Łódź. Currently preparing a thesis showing the tourist the possibility to use the artistic heritage of Łódź.

„Trail of modernist art Katarzyna Kobro and Strzeminski as a potential tourism product in the space of Łódź.”
Legacy of Modernist art belongs to the major papers in the history of the city. The presence of Łódź avant-garde in the city space is limited to a set of objects. The idea of ​​the research is to develop a utilitarian concept of combining into a coherent whole spread out points. Modernist art trail will also be a story about the city. The presentation will include idea of the product, inventory of its objects, the diagnosis, the demarcation of hiking routes and its preliminary assessment by the city's university students.
Nitin SinhaNitin Sinha (Metropolian Business School, London) Conservator, Mediator with over 7 years experience in the field of Cultural Heritage and Tourism. Manager at the Heritage Conservation Initiative Consultants (HCIC - Implementer more than 35 projects in India on World Heritage Sites and monuments. Currently he is on scholarship. Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) at the Metropolitan Business School in London, majoring in Arts and Heritage Management in the UK. As a Conservator and a supporter of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) consults on strategy projects in the protection of monuments, marketing, education and community involvement

„The role of community in international events - the London Cultural Olympic Games in 2012 - a case study.”
The aim of the author will be to examine the  premise of Cultural Olympic Games in London as an international event and to define the scope of local communities involvement.
Speech focuses on three key questions:
- How is the local/ethnic/traditional culture portrayed in the program?
- What are the benefits for the local community from this international or national program?
- Who are the stakeholders of the program and what is the extent of local community's role in it.What  are the existing models of local community involvement in this celebration of culture?


Caroline Fisher (European Centre of Culture and Information in Thuringia) - studied communication sciences, European and Cultural Sociology in the University of Erfurt. Since 2009 she is the director of the international contact point for VIA REGIA mainly working on common European information and communication tools. In scientific sense dealing with the interlocking of European Identity and Cultural tourism..

„Via Regia - European Cultural Route of the Council of Europe - as an example of good practice.

VIA REGIA is the name of the oldest and longest road link between the East and the West of Europe. The route exists since more than 2.000 years and connects 8 European countries. Its modern form is the European Development Corridor III at present. An international network works with the cultural and touristic potential of the VIA REGIA and has been awarded as “Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” in 2005 including Ukrainian, Polish, German and French members. The network understands cultural tourism as an important tool for promoting sustainable and quality tourism in Europe, strengthening European identity, disseminating the richness of European cultures and favouring the intercultural dialog and mutual understanding.
In this context the network VIA REGIA deals with national, binational and European projects in the field of historical, cultural, touristical and economic themes.

Ulla MajamaaUlla Majamaa (Urząd Miasta Tampere, Finlandia)
A graduate of the University of Tampere  in the direction of Humanities and Folklore. City Guide, folk dance instructor.  Coordinator in the City Hall in Tampere responsible for cultural trails and the organization of cultural events. She has 20 years long experience working in the tourism and cultural industry.

"Cultural trails of Tampere, Finland"
The purpose of the presentation is to familiarize participants with the history and cultural heritage of the city of Tampere. Thematic routes in Tampere are based on the history of a specific person or a city district.21 brochures dedicated  to the cultural routes were produced so far, the themes of the brochures are e.g. literature, music, architecture or visual arts.

Daniella Davin (Coordinator, Association fo Tourism Tel Aviv- Jaffa)

Born and raised up in Tel Aviv. Served in the IDF ( Isreal Defence Forces) during the 6-day war. Studied English linguistics in Washington, DC and served at the Israel embassy under Ambassador Yitzhak Rabin. Dealt with the organization of international conferences in Israel and abroad, for over 20 years. During the past ten years, coordinator of the Association for Tourism Tel Aviv- Jaffa.


"Tel Aviv Jaffa- ma to wszystko!"

The aim of the author is to present Tel Aviv as a cosmopolitan city that has 14 km of sandy beaches and 300 sunny days a year.Celebrating its centennial in 2009, the city has come a long way in the span of just a century, and despite the city's young age, has a great deal of history.That approach continues today: As Tel Aviv becomes ever more modern, with its sleek new skyscrapers; it also keeps an eye on the past, and takes increasingly great care preserving its landmarks. Conservation projects are in process all across the city. These include the Bauhaus architecture of the 'White City Of Tel Aviv'; Jaffa, both the port, frequently referred to as the oldest functioning port city in the world, and the first train station; Sarona, the former Templars colony; the Tel Aviv port;  the charming and well defined culture area of Bialik street; and the Habima Theater Complex.

Tel Aviv Art Year 2011-2012 and Culture Around the Clock in the city

Mariusz StaniurskiMariusz Staniurski (Partnership Narew Basin) Leader of the Partnership Narew Basin. Founder and coordinator of the first network in Poland, tourist product, "Tales from the Narew" (the entity supporting the project PARP activity 2.2.1. under title "Development of entrepreneurship within the network of" Tales from the Narew "). Board member of numerous Polish Tourist Organization of the North-East, copyright activist pursuing strategies of tourism development in Poland and the Baltic countries. Author of many EU projects in the field of tourism development and cross-border network, the owner of a travel agency, tour guide, tour guide, consultant, trainer known to some as Crazy Pilot.
„The commercialization of tourism products
The aim of the workshop is to train skills in the commercialization of tourism products. Among of the issues discussed will be among others.:
1. Networking - condition for commercialization.
2. The types of trade agreements and relationships between partners.
3. The model of the network based on commercialized attractions.
4. Terms of sale and export.
5. Commercialization of clusters within obszarowego profiled product.
Piotr RudnickiPiotr Rudnicki (WebKlinika Ltd.) Graduate from the Electronic Information Processing Faculty at the Jagiellonian University. Enthusiast for Internet start-ups. Firmly believes that the key to success is a good understanding of all areas of Internet service development - both design, technology, and creative interaction and marketing. Therefore, gradually is trying to develop in each of these areas. Currently tied with WebKlinika, which concentrate on the utility companies such as projects or AllPlayer Actively collaborates with TaxCare OpenFinance SA and SA realizing complex projects such as visions Trusted Advisor, or CreditCare HomeBuy. One of the semi-finalists of the international marketing competition from Google. Also co-lectures in the field of accessibility and usability of websites in his free time trying to promote solutions that promote and facilitate blind people use the Internet.
„Feasibility and base promotion of websites
The aim of the workshop is to explain the principles of usability and search engine marketing basics Internet. The first part devoted to the utility will allow participants to learn, understand and organize the needs of the target user. The second part will present methods for efficient and effective search engine marketing.

1. Introduction to usability
2. The most common errors
3. Ways to improve the usefulness of
4. Practical discussion of the parties based on hand a list of errors
5. Introduction to Internet Marketing
6. Overview of the most effective methods of internet marketing
7. Social Marketing